HTEC Success Story

Commencing its operations in 1931, the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of New Mexico has since awarded over 2500 degrees, ranging from Bachelors up to PhD. Mechanical engineering students first encounter the machine shop in ME 260L Design 2. In the accompanying lab students get hands on time with mills and lathes.

Recently, UNM started giving students the choice of going into the cleanroom to learn how to etch silicon wafers or they can learn the basics of CNC. This class introduces students to a wide range of manufacturing, from machining to clean room.

During a student’s senior year they then have the option between a class focusing around Formula SAE, Solar Splash or Space Port America Cup, in which they design, build and launch rockets. These require students to use the skills they learned in ME260 to manufacture different components for their respective competitions.

The opportunities afforded to these tournaments are driven by advancements in manufacturing. As manufacturing, and the technology that drives it continue to advance, so to has the tools used by the University of New Mexico. One of these tools, is CAMplete TruePath.

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