Haas F1 Team uses Verisurf for Metrology

Quality Case Study: Perfection is Important... The Haas F1 team took a strategic approach to the challenge of quality inspection and reporting. Gene Haas said. “Car development in Formula One takes place at hyper-speed compared to most industry timelines. Parts need to be made in days, not weeks, and they need to be right the first time. At the end of the day, each race is really a metaphor for the development process to get there—speed, precision, quality and no room for error.” Haas F1 Team took a strategic approach to the challenge of quality inspection and reporting. Short term they needed to inspect, verify and report that every part leaving the shop matched the nominal design specs received, regardless of incoming design format. Long term they wanted to implement a solution the rest of the global team and key partners could tap into as well. This enterprise approach to quality encouraged objective needs-based thinking and facilitated a strategic outcome. “Haas F1 Team decided on Verisurf Software, as they effectively checked-off each of the requirement boxes we had set,” Brad Harris said. “Basically, we presented our needs list, and received not only a recommendation, but a demonstration on how the solution supports both future requirements and existing commitments.” Prior to installing Verisurf, Haas F1 Team had long been standardized on the Mastercam platform for CAD/CAM, and Solid Modeling through its SOLIDWORKS integration. CAMplete software is used for tool path verification and collision detection, while a portable CMM and a proprietary CNC CMM, each running different software, were used for inspection, all supporting a suite of seven Haas UMC-750, 5-Axis Vertical Machining Centers. One of the first objectives for the team at Verisurf was to streamline the quality assurance process, integrating the software with tools and data already available. The fact that Verisurf Software is built on top of the Mastercam platform provided a direct and immediate benefit to Haas F1 Team. Once Verisurf was set up, it became accessible directly from the drop-down menu within Mastercam, providing quick access and a familiar user interface. Mastercam Software has been in place at Haas F1 Team since day one, and is the benchmark by which all software solutions are measured. With Verisurf installed, it provides an integrated CAD/CAM/CAI (Computer Aided Inspection) solution with a consistent interface, proven performance and reliability. Mastercam and Verisurf's commitment to customer and industry training and education ensures a continuous stream of qualified users proficient on the platform as well. “As with all our technology partners, we look to Mastercam to help us produce quality parts, efficiently, and to help us gain a competitive edge that is so important in the sport. An integrated quality connection with Verisurf is just one example of this,” Harris said. Verisurf Software, being model-based and built on top of the Mastercam platform, allows it to open virtually any CAD file received by the Haas F1 Team, edit or add GD&T tolerances as necessary, develop an inspection plan, then complete a first article inspection, usually in minutes. The open device compatibility of Verisurf software lets the operator choose the right hardware device and format (touch probing or scanning) for the inspection job at hand. “Using Verisurf software as a common platform across our Haas F1 Team enterprise improves quality and consistency, but also reduces training, support and file management,” Harris said. Reporting Flexibility- Verisurf software allows information to be pulled from CAD files and inspection data to quickly create first article and production reports that can be output in a variety of business presentation formats. Verisurf also provides an integrated solution to facilitate situations when the design authority is provided via paper or annotated PDF drawings. This integration also supports Haas F1 Team’s need for quality reporting of attributes beyond geometry, such as heat-treating certifications, material certs and more, all accessible through the Team’s ERP system. “Haas F1 Team has a culture of quality, because we have to,” Harris said. “Perfection is important, and everything we make is highly technical and close tolerance. When it comes to quality inspection and reporting, we want it effective, practical and easy, in that order.” Verisurf Education supports Schools, Colleges and Universities with it's workstations, training and industry advisory abilities.