Behind the Scenes: Haas Automation Creates Videos for Educators and Industry Alike

The primary focus of Haas Automation’s Video Marketing Team is to build a community of highly educated and capable CNC machinists – by creating high-quality videos that expose newcomers and diehard fans alike to the powerful features and functionality of Haas machines.

These videos can be the perfect addition to your manufacturing curriculum, by expanding your students’ knowledge of Haas machines, providing insight into advanced machining techniques, and demonstrating proper care and maintenance procedures, as they pertain to Haas machines.

Given the robust knowledge and vast experience of the Haas team, there’s sure to be valuable content that will meet your needs.

To date, Haas Automation has released more than 1000 educational videos through its YouTube channel, and that number continues to expand every week. The Haas channel currently has more than 100,000 subscribers, with an average of 4000 new subscribers coming onboard each month. Putting this into perspective, the YouTube channel of the closest machine tool competitor has roughly 1/5th the subscribers, making Haas the industry leader in CNC video content development.

The Haas video team strives to create high-quality, high-value content for its viewers, breaking down complex subjects into brief yet comprehensive and straightforward videos. Because the content ranges from entry-level through advanced, the videos can be integrated into any course, and many instructors have found them exceptionally valuable in supplementing their own programs.

Let’s meet the team!

Bryan O’Fallon, Video Production Manager, and Andrew Harnett, Supervisor, both have engineering backgrounds, and while they oversee the group, they also write scripts, prep machines for videos, and often are on camera, as well.

“In typical Haas fashion,” Bryan explains, “everybody handles multiple duties. There is no dedicated video person, audio person, or lighting person; the camera operators and editors are expected to handle every aspect of a Haas video production, and often are involved in writing scripts, too.”

Frank Zaragoza, Tyler Victorio, Ricardo Pulido, Sal Martinez, and John Reinhart make up the team of cameramen, video editors, audio specialists, and still photographers. Mark Terryberry and Orville Collins – along with Bryan and Andrew – serve as the on-camera talent that many of us know so well.

• Frank is a degreed film school graduate who brings extensive knowledge of the editing software, After Effects, and 3D animation to the team, as well as an overall level of quality.

• Ric and Sal each spent 10+ years building machines at the factory, so they have extensive experience with Haas machines, which is hugely valuable in their positions.

• John Reinhart has a background in technical writing at Haas, so he has the expertise to tackle some of the more technical topics.

• Tyler is the go-to guy when a project needs to be completed quickly. He has shot in every part of the factory, and worked with every on-camera person over the years.

• Mark – otherwise known as the rock star – writes and stars in every Tip-of-the-Day video, and often suggests the topics for his videos, as well. He has years of experience as a machinist running job shops and production shops. His many years as an applications engineer for Haas Automation also give him vast insight into which topics customers want and need more information on.

• Orville handles most of Haas Automation’s service videos, and with more than 20 years of experience at Haas, he knows the machines like the back of his hand. Whether the topic is a brand-new Haas machine, or one built 20 years ago, Orville has the knowledge!

The team is busier than ever, with several hundred videos planned for production in 2019. According to Bryan O’Fallon, video production will continue at a rapid pace, with no end in sight – as long as we have new products, features, and functionality to talk about.