VU HTEC CNC Training Schedule through June 2019 and New Classes Posted

The Vincennes University HTEC Teacher Training Center has posted its training schedule for CNC classes through June 2019 that include 2 new introductory level classes. Summer classes will be posted very soon.

Among the classes offered this year will be two new Introductory classes for teachers who have little or no previous experience with CNC.

Doug Bowman, Director of the Vincennes University Teacher Training Center had this to say about two new classes "We are excited to help new CNC teachers overcome the sometimes intimidating nature of the machines, and to give them extra time to become comfortable programming, setting up and running the machines, yet still allow them the opportunity to earn NIMS credentials in the process."

See the attached course descriptions for details about the new introductory classes. The Gene Haas Foundation is so supportive of these classes that they are offering a $2000 scholarship for each teacher that registers for the classes! The remaining cost for the school or teacher is only $150.

The first VU HTEC - Introduction to CNC Milling class is scheduled for February 4-8, 2019.

The first VU HTEC - Introduction to CNC Turning class is scheduled for March 25-29, 2019.

Register online at while there is still room. If you have any questions about these classes or any of the classes that VU offers, please contact VU.