Verisurf Metrology with Smart CAD and MBD

Advanced manufacturing is MBD, the process that incorporates (CAD) "Model-Based Definition." The process of CAD to CAM to CNC to CAI. That is starting with CAD and finishing with CAI = Computer Aided Inspection. CAI,"That is what the software program Verisurf does, according to our president president and CEO of Verisurf Software Inc. Ernie Husted. “We started developing this about 20 years ago when an aerospace customer needed profile tolerances reported on different surfaces of an airplane.” Verisurf is Universal for CMM's. The VDI embedded in the software means it will program and drive any common brand of Manual or CNC-driven CMM. “You eliminate interpretation and common errors, like picking the wrong tolerance because you couldn’t read the print or simply typing in the wrong numbers. There is always room for error in how it is done now,” says Ernie. Besides speed and consistency, another benefit Ernie sees to creating inspection programs is from smart MBD/CAD models is that it now becomes a soft gage or inspection gage. “With a smart CAD model, I can take a portable measuring device and measure a point anywhere and it can tell me if it is within or outside tolerance,” he said. It's that fast and in real time.