Haas Automation

Haas Automation is America's leading machine tool builder. In 1983, Gene Haas started with a simple idea, by designing and building the first programmable rotary indexer to position parts for machining in his own shop. Today, Haas Automation builds an extensive line of CNC (computer numerical control) machine tools, including vertical and horizontal machining centers, turning centers, and rotary tables. Located in Oxnard, California, every American-made, Haas machine is the direct result of a strong product vision, and entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion for design innovation.

Haas Automation prides itself in designing and building products that meet the needs of the majority of machining business'. Haas Automation builds the best products possible for the broadest market and offer them at competitive prices.

Haas Automation is 100% committed to supporting Advanced Manufacturing. We design our equipment to ensure that we offer the ‘Best in Class' CNC machines and related ancillary equipment, software and educational materials for training tomorrow's manufacturing workforce. This includes: ease of use CNC Controls, sustainable engineering solutions, ergonomically designed CNC machines and more!

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