Gene Haas Foundation

In 1999 the Gene Haas Foundation was formed to support the charitable needs within our local community. As the Foundation grew, so did the need for a stronger manufacturing workforce. The unfortunate truth is that the USA and Canada are losing manufacturers at an alarming rate. We’re being told that we don’t manufacture products anymore. Young people are getting the wrong message. Those perceptions and subsequent decisions have led us to a critical crossroads in our vocational education system

For these reasons, the focus and mission of the Gene Haas Foundation has shifted strategically to align with the needs of the educational community to support manufacturing. Today, the goal of the Foundation is to introduce students to careers in machining and related technologies. This is primarily accomplished by funding student scholarships for graduating high school students, displaced workers, and military veterans.

There are three main goals for the Foundation:
* Provide grants up to $2,500 are available to students pursuing CNC machining and related training.
* Provide students with the opportunity to achieve NIMS credentials.
* Promote a competitive spirit with students in programs via Skills USA and robotic competitions.

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