Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I create my HTEC Member Directory Profile?Open or Close

    NOTE: If you have not verified within the "Educator Directories" and/or "Industry Directories" whether your school or organization is listed yet, please do so now to avoid duplicate entries.


    If you have already determined your school or organization is not listed in the "Educator Directories" or "Industry Directories" sections, please continue with the steps below to create a Member Directory Profile.

    1. Select "Join HTEC Network"

    2. Select either "Educator" or "Industry" radio button then fill out the form regarding the details of your school or organization. NOTE: this selection for "Eductor" or "Industry" cannot be reverted, please make sure the correct designation is made!

    3. In the "Primary Contact" section, define a username and password. NOTE: This is the login you will use for future access to your profile when you wish to add to or update the content within your member directory profile.


  • What is the HTEC Network?Open or Close

    The HTEC Network is an organization of manufacturing technology educators who actively network with and leverage the capabilities and technologies of Haas Automation, the Haas Factory Outlets (HFOs) and HTEC Partners to work with local industry, schools at all levels, government and manufacturing associations to exchange the best manufacturing practices and educational methods and to exploit the power of modern manufacturing equipment for educational purposes.

  • Who can join the HTEC Network and Is there a fee?Open or Close

    HTEC Network membership is free and is open to all educators who use any Haas CNC products in their programs. Joining is a simple online process and will allow an educator to list their school & program, along with other information that can promote their program to students, parents & local industry.

  • How do I update my HTEC Member Directory profile?Open or Close

    Have a login, but need to establish or update the contents of your profile?

    1. Login, select "Admin" then "Manage my Profile"

    2. Update school or organization information, add photos or resource documents and ensure primary and secondary contacts are up to date. NOTE: This is a great way to ensure others in the HTEC Network can reach you and other members can learn about your program, this is your place to promote all that you do for manufacturing!


    Not sure if you have a login or member directory profile yet?

    1. First, navigate to Member Directories page

    2. Then, search for your school within the "Educator Directories" section, or search for your organization within the "Industry Directories" section.

    NOTE: If you found your profile was created in the incorrect directory, please contact to report so we can remove the incorrect entry.

     3. If you did not find your school or organiztaion listed in any of the directories, you likely don't have an HTEC Member Directory profile yet. (See "How do I create my HTEC Member Directory profile?") 

  • How do I become an HTEC Partner?Open or Close

    Contact Amber Georgeou at or 805-994-8398 to discuss how your technology fits with CNC education and the program you will offer to all HTEC members.

  • How do I find out about an HTEC Conference in my state or region?Open or Close

    Each year, there are approximately 15+ one-day, state or regional HTEC CNC Educators Conferences hosted by HTEC schools. Date, location and details are listed 60 to 90 days prior to the event on the "Conferences" sub-page within the "Events" tab. These events are free to all machining/manufacturing technology educators at any school level, regardless of types of machines currently in use at that school.

    In addition to the state or regional conferences, since 2006 an annual national 3-day CNC Educators conference is planned and hosted by an HTEC school; the HTEC council members vote on the next school to host the annual conference each year. The date, location and details of this conference are also available in the "Events" tab.

  • Is online CNC Learning software available?Open or Close

    Currently four HTEC Partners, listed in the Partner Directory have developed PC-based online training for learning Haas CNC operations & programming. They are Amatrol, LearnCNC for Haas from, Keller North America and ToolingU. Detailed information and contacts are listed in the Partner Directory.

  • What is the Haas Technical Education Council?Open or Close

    The HTEC Council is the guidance and advisory group of educators who represent the various types of schools in the Network Membership. They are elected according to the By-Laws at the Annual HTEC Conference. Feel free to contact your school-type representative to learn more and further discuss becoming more active in the HTEC Network.