Autodesk, HTEC and The Future of Making Things

Educational institutions that are members of HTEC get their own manager to assist with their Autodesk needs, especially Fusion 360. Fab Clayton joined Autodesk after many years as instructor, Chair and Dean at technical and vocational colleges and she is here to support you. Fab can help you get up and running with Fusion 360 – Autodesk cloud-based platform - for your school’s CAM needs. Fusion 360 is your one-stop for modeling, simulating and creating toolpaths. Instead of teaching multiple software, you can have your students learning CAM, modeling and technical drawing in one environment which allows you to simplify curricula and optimize learning curves. Contact Mrs. Clayton -if you would like a personalized webinar for you or your students, training sessions for faculty, and customized assistance incorporating Fusion 360 into your lesson plans.