CoroPlus® ToolLibrary - Available to Education

CoroPlus® ToolLibrary helps to create and export tool assemblies to CAM, simulation, or tool management software. The workflow is based on standardized tool data that allows you to work with tools from any supplier providing an ISO 13399 catalog.

Is your workstation online? If so, set your catalogs to synchronize automatically. When working offline, your catalogs are stored locally.

The cutting data—feeds and speeds—for Sandvik Coromant tools are made available through CoroPlus® ToolGuide. Assemble tool items from the Sandvik Coromant ISO 13399 standard catalog. Place your tool assembly in your shopping cart, or download the STP file for simulation or documentation. You must log in or register to start using this functionality.

Create tool assembly

You may also consider downloading CoroPlus® ToolLibrary free of charge. The CoroPlus® solution allows you to create and manage a tool library for individual tool items as well as tool assemblies. It also has the possibility to connect to CAM software for quick and easy import