SkillsUSA 2018 - CNC Competition Support - Information Portal is Now Open -

On August 4, 2017, the Technical Advisory Board (TAB) was authorized by SkillsUSA National Technical Committee for CNC Programs.

The TAB primary goal is to develop and direct a framework to support continuity and consistency throughout Regional and State Competitions that is aligned to SkillsUSA National Technical Standards.

The eight member board is currently composed of CNC educators with decades of CNC knowledge and teaching experience and also many years of coaching, hosting and judging SkillsUSA CNC contests at regional, state & national levels.

TAB initiatives include:

Develop Competition Materials for Regional and State competitions that are aligned to SkillsUSA National Technical Standards: Part Prints, Process Sheets, G code Programs and Tool Lists.

Build and Direct a Field Implementation Team to directly support State Directors, Contest Chairperson(s) and Advisors. web portal launch to provide an ongoing hub to organize, communicate and access vital resources for preparation and competition materials.

Provide Vital Communication for CNC Competition to set expectations and provide uniform regional and state competition information that is aligned to SkillsUSA National Technical Standards.

Work with SkillsUSA Technical Committee to ensure our communication and resources align to SkillsUSA National Technical Standards to deliver accurate and consistent support resources to Regional and State level participants.

Regional and State Level Competition Reviews will be conducted to help with continual improvement of future events.

The Portal is now open to all State Directors, CNC Contest Chairs and CNC Contest Advisor/Coaches.

Contest Resources are available based your contest role.

Registration on the portal is required for verification.

Free Software Offer to SkillsUSA CNC Advisors

Immerse2Learn, long time CNC Contest Judge & Volunteer, will again provide a full seat of LearnCNC for Haas Online Training Software, to aid in student preparation, available when you register on the portal.

To obtain a Free Full seat of I2L Software, go to Fill out the form and type "SkillsUSA 2018" in the comments box.