2017 US perception of the manufacturing industry

The public has weighed in. Survey findings show manufacturing is deemed vital for economic prosperity, but why are many Americans not interested in pursuing manufacturing careers? Examine survey results from Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute’s sixth US public opinion of manufacturing study. By leveraging these insights, manufacturers can drive interest and support.

look ahead: How modern manufacturers can create positive perceptions with the US public As revealed in Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute’s study, the American public’s perception of manufacturing may be at an inflection point. Manufacturers have an opportunity to actively create more positive perceptions of the industry, and specific recommendations are outlined in the study.

As illustrated in the study, manufacturing clearly matters to many Americans, with the vast majority viewing US manufacturing as crucial to America’s economic prosperity, standard of living, and national security. In the mind of the average American, though, many of the current perceptions of manufacturing haven’t kept pace with advances in the industry, leaving a gap between perceptions and reality in terms of critical factors such as job stability, pay, and benefits.

The good news is the perception of the industry’s future looks promising. It seems the American public understands future jobs in manufacturing are likely to be high-skilled, high-tech, cleaner, and safer, as well as more innovative and creative than they are now.

Download the study and see steps manufacturers, either individually or collectively, can take to actively create more positive perceptions about the industry.