Update : Suncoast Technical College earns 104 NIMS Credentials

Suncoast Technical College , here in sunny Florida has just completed its 4th year of Precision & CNC Machining Program. We are proud to say we have earned another 104 credentials with our one year program. This brings our 3 year total up to 294. We also had 6 apprentices earn a NIMS special award of Merit as well, Mike Case, Jason Seward, Matt Olsen, Arek Mylnarski, Chris Quinn and Cody Winegard. Jason and Mike was also able to do a CNC II credential as well. (One turning and one milling)

All of our grads have been able to get jobs or continue education in engineering. Some have been able to earn over $20 per hour straight out of school.

We also had help from Career Edge to fund and encourage internships. They are a private group. Their mission is to provide an exceptional labor force to a region’s growing industries by leveraging community assets and forming high-performing workforce partnerships. They also funded soft skills training for last 2 years.

So we wrap up another banner year - see you all at HTEC Dallas !!