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Suncoast Technical College - NIMS credential Update

As we near the end of this year Suncoast Technical is putting CNC machinists in the field as interns. They continue to work on projects at school and also earn more NIMS credentials. The manufacturing industry is hitting a critical mass of need and many students are getting multiple job offers as demand is high. We hope to top 350 credentials in our small program with a class size limit of 18 and...

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Sandvik Coromant supports NAIT

EDMONTON – A generous gift from Sandvik Coromant will provide student scholarships and equipment for the NAIT Sandvik Coromant Centre for Machinist Technology.

The five-year agreement, announced Thursday at the centre, will provide equipment, capital and operating support for the Machinist Technology program at NAIT, along with 60 student scholarships.

This marks a renewal of the p...

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Danville 2018: Keynote Speakers Added!

Tom Loehr – Formerly with Rolls-Royce North America, Tom is now an Independent Consultant who is a very passionate leader, able to create strong organizational alignment in achieving performance objectives. Tom will talk about Partnering with local Economic and Workforce Development offices, as well as local community manufacturing leaders to develop and sustain healthy relationships to strengthe...

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Data Collection & Management Software by Mitutoyo

MeasurLink makes it possible to establish your SMART FACTORY. MeasurLink gives you a digital platorm that saves you time, eliminates unnecessary data recording steps and gives you an organized digital copy that is accessible and easy to use. Benefts include: • Easy Traceability • Less errors than hand recording process • Alerts and notfcatons can be applied during measuring process • Can be...

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