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HTEC Has Gone Social!

Did you know HTEC has gone SOCIAL?

We now have more opportunities for you to connect and communicate - share photos, videos, stories, projects, accomplishments and more!

We are on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!
Did you KNOW we already had a Facebook page? Thank you Toby Bergstrom from WPI for setting it up! Let's really start using it! Go to the page, JOIN and...

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Metal Cutting Education for Educators

Intended for educators preparing their students for professions in manufacturing and engineering, this class is specifically designed to give educators the tools they need to teach machining theory from the tooling perspective, enabling students to productively contribute to the advancement of machining processes.

This is a 3.5 Day Course, July 18 through July 21, 2017.

This class ...

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Need start values ? Scan your tool from your phone

You are online, you are on the move, and you are in the classroom, the lab, the shop. Wherever you are, you can access the features you need through the Ifind app.

This complimentary app will help you find tools, solutions, or the information you need for your metal cutting activities. You can get tool recommendations, learn more about machining,read technical articles or learn more abo...

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A Manufacturing Evolution

The third annual EAMY's Video Film Festival aims to paint a new picture of modern manufacturing to attract that next generation workforce. This year's theme was "Join the Evolution" and 14 teams of manufacturers and schools created videos to highlight the changes in manufacturing over the years.

I believe everyone agrees that we need to paint a new picture of manufacturing if we want to at...

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