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Data Collection & Management Software by Mitutoyo

MeasurLink makes it possible to establish your SMART FACTORY. MeasurLink gives you a digital platorm that saves you time, eliminates unnecessary data recording steps and gives you an organized digital copy that is accessible and easy to use. Benefts include: • Easy Traceability • Less errors than hand recording process • Alerts and notfcatons can be applied during measuring process • Can be...

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Danville 2018 - Agenda Added!

We have added the Tentative Conference Agenda for the America's 2018 CNC Educator Conference at Danville Community College - July 23-27, 2018!

Have you signed up for the HTEC Educators Facebook page yet? Why not? Go to and sign up today to get all of the updates on HTEC!

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McMaster University & Mitutoyo Canada Partnership

Mitutoyo Canada is very proud to partner with the McMaster University “Smart Factory” lab, which showcases next-generation manufacturing automation and data collection. Please review the full article in "Additional Resources" in READ MORE.

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CoroPlus® ToolLibrary - Available to Education

CoroPlus® ToolLibrary helps to create and export tool assemblies to CAM, simulation, or tool management software. The workflow is based on standardized tool data that allows you to work with tools from any supplier providing an ISO 13399 catalog.

Is your workstation online? If so, set your catalogs to synchronize automatically. When working offline, your catalogs are stored locally. <...

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