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How To Perform First Article Inspections in Under 10 Minutes

Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) have been around for a long time. But the goal of transforming to full model-based definition (MBD) has been elusive. That is using CAD models with associated embedded information to define the part. One of the key disciplines where it has not been incorporated is in Quality Control. While organizations have partially employed mode...

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INSPIRE Grant Program

Click on the URL to apply today for the INSPIRE Grant Program. Apply today to receive a $500 discount for a level 3 eduFACTOR membership!

Courtesy of the Gene Haas Foundation, NIMS and Edge Factor continue their partnership to provide schools and training centers with cutting edge educational materials to inspire students and provide pathways to advanced manufacturing careers. Through...

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Getting Real about Manufacturing Education

Some education programs are using real-world projects and engaging industry to better equip students with viable skills for careers in advanced manufacturing.

This article is part of a series highlighting ways in which schools, businesses and trade organizations are working together to shape the next generation of manufacturing professionals.

There seems to be a resurgenc...

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Building a Manufacturing Renaissance

As I was perusing LinkedIn the other day, I came across a post that said, “Looking for manufacturers in the Chicago area who want to partner with local high schools with a manufacturing and engineering program. Contact and check out”

As this kind of effort is near and dear to me, and my home is in the Chicago area, I decided to find out more about this or...

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