Constitution and Bylaws of the General Assembly of the Haas Technical Education Centers

Accepted at the General Assembly, June 7, 2007 The Haas Technical Education Centers or HTECs.

Article I. Name

The Haas Technical Education Centers or HTECs.

Article II. Purpose

The purpose of the General Assembly of the HTECs is to represent the Haas Technical Education Centers in the fulfillment of the objectives, mission and vision.

Section 1. Objectives

To leverage the capabilities and technologies of Haas Automation and the Haas Factory Outlets (HFOs) to partner with industry, local HFOs, schools, and professional societies to exchange the best practices and exploit the power of modern manufacturing equipment for educational purposes.

Section 2. Mission

To promote and advance manufacturing and productivity through excellence in manufacturing education.

Section 3. Vision

To develop, deliver and disseminate collectively the best educational methods and techniques for advanced manufacturing education in the world.

Article III. Membership
Section 1. Haas Technical Education Centers

Haas Technical Education Centers (HTECs) are designated based on criteriaestablished by the Director of Public Relations of Haas Automation or their designee. The criteria may be discussed from time to time with the HTEC Executive Committee and the HTEC General Assembly.

The Director of Public Relations of Haas Automation or their designee will notify the HTEC executive committee which educational institutions are members in time for organizing general assemblies.

Section 2. Participation in the General Assembly

All HTECs member institutions will be invited to the General Assemblies, which would normally be organized once every year. The host institution will make a best effort to accommodate all representatives from the member institutions who would like to attend, however it is recognized that space is limited.

Section 3. Types of Members

Educational institutions will declare themselves to be in one of three groups for voting purposes: 1) schools (normally through grade 12), 2) two year colleges and post secondary training institutes, or 3) four year colleges or universities. Any questions with regard to type will be resolved by Director of Public Relations at Haas Automation or their designee.

Article IV. HTEC Executive Committee
Section 1. Purpose

The purpose of the Executive Committee is to advise the Director of Public Relations of Haas Automation or their designee on matters concerning the HTECs, organize and prepare for the General Assemblies, provide leadership for the HTECs, handle matters of the HTEC organization between the General Assemblies, and bring matters before the General Assemblies.

Section 2. Membership

The Executive Committee consists of the officers who are the President, Vice President, and the Secretary and the Representatives from each of the three types of members. The past president is welcome to advise the Executive Committee.

Representatives appointed by the host institutions for the past and pending (or current) and following General Assemblies are ex-officio members of the executive committee.

The Director of Public Relations of Haas Automation, or their designee, is an ex- officio member of the executive committee.

Section 3. Terms of office

The term of office is one year and shall normally begin at the conclusion of the Annual General Assembly. The president is limited to two consecutive terms.

Elections of officers and Representatives of the three types of members are held at the Annual General Assembly every year.

Any person officially recognized as representing an HTEC by that educational institution is eligible to be a candidate.

Section 4. Duties:

A. President:

i. The President shall preside over the General Assemblies.
ii. The President will preside over the Executive Committee.
iii. In the absence of the secretary the president will appoint an acting secretary
iv. The President will schedule Executive Committee meetings as required, at the request of the pending hosts of the General Assemblies and at the request of the Director of Public Relations of Haas Automation or their designee.
v. The President will appoint a parliamentarian as necessary.

B. Vice President:

The Vice President will serve all functions of the President in the absence of the President.
Unless the Vice President declines, the Vice President will also be the President elect.

C. Secretary:

i. The Secretary shall record the proceedings of all meetings of the General Assembly and the Executive Committee and keep the minutes to be made available at the request of any member.
ii. The Secretary will coordinate with the Director of Public Relations at Haas Automation or their designee to maintain the membership lists and contact information of all members.
iii. In the event that monies, fees or other fiscal instruments are approved by the HTEC members, the Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining and accounting for all funds collected, held and distributed. A full and explicit report of all transactions regarding such items shall be made to the Executive Committee and the General Assemblies.

Section 5. Elections:

Elections will be held at the General Assembly for the appropriate positions. Officers shall be elected by a majority of the votes cast.

Each HTEC may cast one vote. A representative from the HTEC must be present at the General Assembly to cast the vote.

Only institutions of the given type can vote for their representatives.

Section 6. Vacancies:

A vacancy occurs when either the officer or Representative resigns in writing to the Executive Committee or by incapacitation health or death. In the event that there is a vacancy, the Executive Committee may appoint another person serve until the next election is held.

Section 7. Balance and membership:

If at any time it appears that the elected executive committee lacks balance and needs representation from some constituency, perhaps regional or school type, and if this lack could keep the Executive Committee from fulfilling its purpose adequately and appropriately, then any member can propose additional candidates that could provide better balance. Candidates should either be approved by the Executive Committee and would serve until the next General Assembly, or the Executive Committee should explain how this constituency will be represented or how else the purpose will be fulfilled adequately and appropriately, as by another candidate or some other method.

Article V. General Assemblies
Section 1. Venues and Schedules:

The General Assembly will select the venue and approximate dates for the following general assemblies with the advice and consent of the Director of Public Relations at Haas Automation or their designee. Normally the venue should be selected two years in advance. Members will be invited to make presentations for candidature at the General Assemblies to host future General Assemblies.

The Executive Committee and local Organizing Committee will select the specific dates and formulate the schedule for the general assemblies with the advice and consent of the Director of Public Relations at Haas Automation or their designee.

The General Assembly will include a business meeting and such conferences, seminars, tutorials, demonstrations, lectures, and other activities as planned by the Executive Committee and the local Organizing Committee.

If there is more than one General Assembly in any year, one shall be designated as the Annual General Assembly by the Executive Committee with the advice and consent of the Director of Public Relations at Haas Automation or their designee.

Section 2. Quorum:

At the General Assembly a quorum shall exist when representatives at least half of the registered member institutions attending for that General Assembly are present. The Organizing Committee will create a list of the member institutions that have registered for the General Assembly for use at the business meeting.

Section 3. Voting:

For all matters coming before the General Assembly each Member institution is entitled to one vote. Tie votes will be decided by the President.

Section 4. Order of Business:

The order of business at the Annual General Assembly shall include:

A. Approval of the minutes from the previous General Assembly
B. Report from Executive Committee
C. Reports from any ad hoc committees
D. New Business
E. Selection of venues and dates for future general assemblies F. Election of Officers and Representatives
G. Adjournment

Article VI. Committees
Section 1. Executive Committee:

A. Members: As defined in Article IV section 2
B. Duties: As defined in Article IV section 2. The Executive Committee will keep a record of its proceedings and activities and report these to the General Assembly membership at the next scheduled meeting.
C. Meetings: The Executive Committee as defined in Article IV section 4 A iv. These meetings may be conducted using conference calls.
D. Quorum: A quorum of the Executive Committee is five members.

Section 2. Local Organizing Committees

A. The host institution for each venue for a General Assembly shall appoint a local Organizing Committee to work with the Executive Committee in planning, scheduling and hosting the General Assembly. Normally the local HFO will be represented on the Organizing Committee.
B. Any issues between the local Organizing Committee and the Executive Committee that cannot be resolved by consensus will be adjudicated by the Director of Public Relations of Haas Automation or their designee.

Section 3. Ad hoc committees

The General Assembly, President, Executive Committee, or the Director of Public Relations of Haas Automation or their designee can create and dissolve ad hoc committees as appropriate. These committees can be requested to report to General Assembly, President, Executive Committee, or the Director of Public Relations of Haas Automation or their designee as appropriate.

Section 4. Membership on ad hoc committees

The membership of the committees can be decided by the General Assembly, President, Executive Committee, or the Director of Public Relations of Haas Automation or their designee.

Article VIII. Parliamentary Authority

The rules contained in an appropriate edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the General Assembly to the extent which they are applicable and in which they are not further elaborated or modified under this Constitution and Bylaws or by special rules adopted by the General Assembly.

Article IX. Amendments

This Constitution and Bylaws may be amended by a two thirds vote of the General Assembly present at a regular, annual meeting.

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